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I used to do free request long time ago. I don't anymore... I'm sorry, but here are some of my reasons:

First of all: I'm not a native english speaker. I learned at school, and sometimes I don't really get what others try to tell me, even more if they're using slang or ambiguous words.
A couple years ago, there was this kid/boy/whatever that asked me to redraw some of his OCs, that he had previously made at paint, but I didn't understand his drawings, so when I made it wrong, he got really mad, and tried to explain to me how they were soppoussed to be... except... his way of writing was a little... I didn't understand, and he got angrier and angrier whenever I asked something back.
Of course he had the right to be angry, thinking I wanted to destroy his OCs... but I really didn't understand, plus... I was doing it for free, so basically I got insulted, frustrated and hated for a favor I couldn't do.

Second: I have a job that I really like, but it takes a lot of my time and energies, therefore, I don't really have that much time to spend with my family and friends, let alone working on drawings for other people.

Third: I love drawing, but after getting insulted as the worst of trashes, I ended up hating my style a little bit. I don't really like my drawings anymore... If I keep drawing it's just as a way to try and remember how it relaxed me, or how I really liked it.
I still draw, yes, but only when I have this urge to do it, and only things that I actually want to draw, because, if I try to draw something that I don't love, I end up hating everything, hating even myself for trying to do something that I don't want.

Fourth: Even if I keep drawing, again, I don't really have that much time or energy, and so, I tend to stop working on a piece, sometimes for weeks, months or even years. It takes me so long to actually gather the time and energy to work on something, sometimes I prefer to not do anything at all.

So yeah... I don't take requests anymore. I'm sorry, but please, understand. I did them for so many years for free, and I was happy at first, because, even if I'm really bad, there were people that entrusted me with their imagination and their desires, but I can't do it anymore. It's so tiresome, and I have never been able to please anyone, so I ended up convincing myself of how useless it was.
Don't ask me to do requests, I thank you all, but I cannot do them, I'm sorry.
PS!!!! NO MORE LLAMAS PLEASE!!!! I have nightmares with those!!! (SIN LLAMAS!!!)

PS2: I'm proud to say, even with the changes, I'm still a BIG Fan of NewS, nomatter how, when, or with who. I'll love them purely.



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Hi there!!! I'm Alina n_n



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Hola Ali, gracias por tu fav!,espero que estes super! 
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